Teaching and Study Materials

In the course of my research and teaching I have tried to produce documents that would be of help or assistance to my students and other researchers. This website collects together some of those. I hope you find them helpful.

How To Answer Philosophy Questions – This document is intended to be helpful to students. It gives advice on how to write answers to exam or essay questions in political philosophy or political theory. The advice may have wider relevance to philosophy, politics and other essay-based subjects.

Thought Experiments in the Ethics of Killing– This document collects together a number of well-known thought experiments in the ethics of killing literature. It is intended to be helpful to those designing courses on the topic and those studying it.

Sufficientarian-bibliography This document is intended to be helpful to academics working in distributive justice or distributive ethics who are interested in sufficientarianism, the position that securing enough of some goods is especially important. It contains a full citation list of many of the most influential articles on sufficientarianism.

Annotated Bibliography Equality of Opportunity and Education  This website is intended to be helpful to academics and students, as well as practitioners, who are interested in debates about the meaning and value of equality of opportunity and its application to education. It contains an annotated bibliography that is thematically organised.