Hello and welcome to Liam Shields’ website

I am a Lecturer in Political Theory working at the University of Manchester. My research and teaching interests fall squarely within contemporary political philosophy and include distributive justice, equality of opportunity and the rights of parents. In my research I aim to help inform practical debates, such as those about fairness in educational provision and determining child-custody, by answering philosophical questions about the nature of equality of opportunity and the justification of parental rights.

I would be pleased to provide doctoral supervision on justice and the family/children, sufficientarianism and its rivals, and more generally on distributive justice. Prospective doctoral students in these areas are welcome to contact me via email.

Use the tabs above to find out more about my research projects and working papers, which may be downloaded from this site. You can get a copy of my CV here. Students and researchers in political philosophy and political theory may find some of my teaching materials, including essay advice and a collection of common thought experiments, and sufficientarian bibliography useful.